Inclusive Innovation Summit

March 28 - 30 • Pittsburgh, PA
More than forty events will take place over the course of three days, with all of the daytime programs occurring at a central downtown location. All of the programming will be free of charge and complimentary childcare, bus passes and refreshments will be provided.
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  • 28 March
  • 29 March
  • 30 March

Inclusive Innovation Summit Kickoff

05:00 PM 08:30 PM

Brian  Burley

Yvonne  Campos

Del Johnson

Delvina Morrow

William Peduto

Khamil Scantling

Gina Winstead


08:30 AM 10:00 AM

Nina Marie Barbuto

Gab Bonesso

Nathan Darity

Saleem Ghubril

Walter Lewis

Jasiri X

Positive Spin Bike Safety - Train the Trainer

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Julie Mallis

DeVaughn Rodgers

Understanding the Psychology of Poverty

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Tammy Thompson

Neurodiversity and Creating Autism Competence

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Cori Frazer

Art, Activism, Technology and the Evolution of Social Justice Movements

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Jasiri X

City of Champions...ACCESS Champions!!

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Vanessa Braun

Kristen Link

Anne Mulgrave

Dennis Robinson

Viv Shaffer

Justin Tognarine

Inclusive Innovation in Chess

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Ashley Lynn Priore

Virtual Senior Academy

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Rachel Goldberger

Mara Leff

Caffeinated Innovation Live!

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Clarence Carlos

George Cook

Pam Eichenbaum

Anne Lopez

Jennifer Van Dam

Emily Wazlak

OpticVoices: Face Pittsburgh

10:15 AM 03:00 PM

Victoria  Snyder

Expii: Choose How You Learn

10:15 AM 11:45 AM

Meredith Felton

Jake Sam

Quiet Space

10:15 AM 04:15 PM

Cultural Collaborations to Increase Inclusion

11:00 AM 11:45 AM

Sloane  Davidson

Danielle Linzer

Cross-Sector Collaborations to Make Pittsburgh a More Equitable City for Black Girls

11:00 AM 11:45 AM

Britney  Brinkman

Lunch Break: Beyond Flavor

12:00 PM 01:00 PM

Nellie Abdelnour

Ivan Gil-Silva

Joyce Howard

Rachel Jenkins

Keyla Nogueira Cook

Jae Park

Keynote: Andre Perry

01:30 PM 02:30 PM

Andre Perry

Hip Hop Saved My Life

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Emmai Alaquiva

City Connects: A Model for Collaboration

02:45 PM 03:30 PM

Tye Clarke

Betty  Cruz

Clare Drobot

Monica Ruiz

Where to Turn: Navigating Resources for Immigrant and Minority Small Businesses

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Jason Jones

World Cafe: What Are We Learning About Inclusive Innovation?

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Mark Rettig

Language Access in the Rustbelt: Working with Interpreters and Demystifying Language Access

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Mary Jayne McCullough

Inclusive Innovators, Esq.: How Lawyers are Contributing to Inclusive Innovation in Pittsburgh

03:30 PM 04:15 PM

Nashid  Ali

Stephanie Dangel

Melanie Harrington

David Lehman

Jeanne Lofgren

Penny Zacharias

Immigrants That Are Coming Today

03:30 PM 04:15 PM

Hussein Aladdin

Patricia Bucek

Gillian Kim

Ana María Mieles

Ibania Rivas

Bradford Wyman

How Fellowships are Retaining Talent and Building Community

03:30 PM 04:15 PM

Katie  Grimm

Alaa Mohamed

Jordan Robarge

Jodi Salant

Working with Power, Privilege, Pain and Possibility

03:30 PM 05:00 PM

Hannah du Plessis

Inclusion in the Newsroom

04:15 PM 05:00 PM

Natalie Bencivenga

Tereneh Idia

Kim Lyons

Tony Norman

Natasha Vicens

Activating Investors for Your Business or Neighborhood Project: An Introduction to Crowdfunding

04:15 PM 05:00 PM

Naomi Auth

Topiltzin Gomez

Emily Keebler

Miriam Parson

Our Neighbor's Keeper

04:15 PM 05:00 PM

Jenna Baron

Julius Boatwright

Betty  Cruz

Josiah  Gilliam

Leonard Hammonds

Wasi Mohamed

Breaking The Cycle: How Do We Protect and Support Our Youth?

04:15 PM 05:00 PM

Kahlil Darden

All-In Silent Disco

07:00 PM 11:30 PM

Practicing Intersectional Feminism

10:00 AM 11:30 AM

anupama jain

Inclusion Through Intention

10:00 AM 11:30 AM

Jackie Baker

Mental Health Cafe

10:00 AM 11:30 AM

Alyssa Cypher

Shanon Williams

Performance Dreamz

10:00 AM 11:30 AM

Xela  Batchelder

George Fadale


Kelly Jones

Yung Kairaq

Phillip McKenzie

Vick Venom La Flair

Computer Science for All

10:00 AM 11:30 AM

Erin Cawley

LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill

Tyler Samstag

Meeting in a Box

10:00 AM 11:30 AM

Elizabeth Allen

Annie Gould

Andrew McCray

Sophia Robison

Natalie Tse

Maker Space, featuring Assemble, Global Switchboard, AIR and Prototype PGH

10:00 AM 02:00 PM

Riding Together

10:45 AM 11:30 AM

Shayna Gleason

Talk the Talk: Language as a Barrier to Working with Multilingual Learners and Youth

10:45 AM 11:30 AM

Mounir Mora-Kpai

Tomi Taiwo

Sofia Wynn

Suad Yusuf

Indie Film: Making a New Narrative

10:45 AM 11:30 AM

Melissa Martin

Lunch Break

11:30 AM 12:45 PM

How the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Affects Your Community

01:00 PM 02:30 PM

Kenny Chen

Alka Patel

Mike Skirpan

PGH Lab: Reimagining Pittsburgh Through Pilot Testing

01:00 PM 02:30 PM

Annia Aleman

George Cook

Betty  Cruz

Dr. Ketaki Desai

Jennifer Honing

Brenden Knecht

Michael Sobkowiak

Anthony Stewart

Laura Totin Codori

Albert Whale

Welcoming the Workforce of Tomorrow...Today!

01:00 PM 02:30 PM

Megan Fahey

HR Conversations

01:00 PM 02:30 PM

Lego Play: Seriously Agile Team Performance

01:00 PM 03:00 PM

Dolly Bellhouse

Heidi Norman


01:00 PM 02:30 PM

Shanon Williams

Beyond the ADA: Planning with Disability Inclusion in Mind

01:45 PM 02:30 PM

Heather Tomko

Jessica Tomko

Michelle Walker

A Nonprofit Board's Role in Building an Equitable Community

01:45 PM 02:30 PM

Darcel Madkins

Yvonne  Van Haitsma

Inclusive Innovation Story Slam, Hosted by Pittsburgh Fringe

01:45 PM 02:30 PM

Xela  Batchelder

Daniel Foreman

Aaron Jackendoff

Lisa Kay Schweyer

Emily Wazlak

Physical Accessibility in the City

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Melinda Angeles

Jessica Benner

Ellie Newman

Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem Mapping and Roundtable Meeting

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Bob  Gradeck

Elizabeth Monk

Steve Saylor

David Walker

Prototyping for Beginners

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Carol Smith

Coffee Connect PGH

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Census for a Cause

02:45 PM 04:15 PM

Bhavini Patel

Fresh Innovations: Brewing Entrepreneurship

03:30 PM 04:15 PM

Day Bracey

Look Who's Here! All-Abilities Media

03:30 PM 04:15 PM

Erin Gannon

Shalace Moore

Mark Steidl

Jennifer  Szweda Jordan

C.S. Wyatt

Journalism and the Next Generation: The Role of Student-produced Media in U.S. Democracy

03:30 PM 04:15 PM

Samuel Anthony

Sara  Bauknecht

CB Carley Bonk

DC Dara Collins

Gage Goulding

CS Christian Snyder

Margaret Susa

Closing Ceremony: Point Park Street Team and Timbeleza and Pittsburgh Samba Group

04:15 PM 05:00 PM



Basecamp Cafe



Aaron Jackendoff

30 March

Alaa Mohamed

Program Manager and PULSE Fellow
The Global Switchboard

29 March

Albert Whale

CEO & Founder
IT Security Solutions

30 March

Alka Patel

Deputy Director
CMU Risk & Regulatory Services Innovation Center

30 March

Alyssa Cypher

Executive Director
Inside our Minds

30 March

Ana María Mieles

Cohen & Grigsby
Ana María is a member of the Immigration Group where she provides counsel on employment-based temporary and permanent visa categories to small and medium- sized for-profit organizations and large multinational companies, as well as on family- based permanent residence applications to individual clients.

Ana María’s clients include companies in such industries as chemicals, pharmaceutical, medical, financial services, engineering, information technology, nuclear and steel.

29 March

Andre Perry

David M. Rubenstein Fellow - Metropolitan Policy Program
Brookings Institute
via Brookings website:

Andre Perry is a David M. Rubenstein Fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. His research focuses on race and structural inequality, education, and economic inclusion. Of particular note, Perry’s recent scholarship at Brookings has analyzed majority-black places and institutions in America, focusing on highlighting valuable assets worthy of increased investment.

29 March

Andrew McCray

Housing Specialist
City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning

30 March

Andy Berke

City of Chattanooga
Andy Berke was elected Mayor of Chattanooga in March 2013 with over 72% of the electoral vote. Immediately following his inauguration, Mayor Berke streamlined government with a top to bottom reorganization that eliminated three departments and saved taxpayer dollars in the process. Since the reorganization, the Berke Administration has relentlessly focused on making Chattanooga streets safer, families stronger, growing middle class jobs, and using taxpayer dollars efficiently.

Under Mayor Berke’s leadership, Chattanooga has taken bold steps to further harness the unique advantage of having the fastest, cheapest, more pervasive internet in the Western Hemisphere. Following a robust public engagement process, Chattanooga established an Innovation District -- 140 acres in the heart of downtown that houses a catalytic mix of start-up businesses, incubators, and accelerators alongside investors and public amenities. In addition, the City has partnered with various nonprofits, businesses, and County Government to launch Tech Goes Home (TGH), a program recently honored for Digital Inclusion Leadership by the National League of Cities and Google. Through TGH, students and seniors receive practical training on how to use the internet safely. After nine weeks of courses, they are given the option to purchase a low-cost Chromebook. To increase connectivity in the home, the City has partnered with EPB to offer a reliable, low-cost, high-speed broadband connection to all families with a child on free or reduced lunch.

Anne Lopez

Co-Founder & COO

29 March

Anne Mulgrave

Director of Grants and Accessibility
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

29 March

Annia Aleman

PGH Lab Manager
City of Pittsburgh

30 March

Annie Gould

Comprehensive Planning and Community Engagement Intern
City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning
Annie is a Comprehensive Planning and Community Engagement Intern at the City of Pittsburgh's Department of City Planning, where she supports the work of the City's Public Engagement Working Group (PEWG) and development of the Public Engagement Guide. A native of the Pittsburgh region, she is currently working towards a master's degree in Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College. She received her bachelor's degree in Public Policy and Economics from the University of Delaware.

30 March

Anthony Stewart

President & Environmental Director
DECO Resources

30 March

anupama jain

Executive Director

30 March

Ashley Lynn Priore

Queen's Gambit

29 March

Betty Cruz

Founder, All for All Project Director
Change Agency

29 March

29 March

30 March

Bhavini Patel


30 March

Bob Gradeck

Executive Director
Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center

30 March

Bradford Wyman

Independent Consultant
Bradford is a native of Costa Rica. He came to the United States as a child with his family who were in search of better opportunities. He went to school in New York City and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Fordham University. He relocated to Pittsburgh in 2017 with his family for the ambience and improved quality of life it offers. His experience and skills encompass business relations, client retention and consulting, as well as, a strong background working with the community helping generate new initiatives.

Driven by a commitment to helping others and make a difference he is currently working for some of Pittsburgh’s major non-profit immigrant services and agencies, including doctors, lawyers, and case managers as an advocate, interpreter, translator, and cultural liaison. As an advocate and liaison, his services include meeting with clients and helping all parties involved understand and communicate with each other regarding legal and medical issues, as well as by helping them fill out all necessary paperwork correctly. Areas served include healthcare (clinics and hospitals), legal rights, housing and family intervention, among others.

29 March

Brenden Knecht

Data Engineer

30 March

Brian Burley


28 March

Britney Brinkman

Associate Professor
Point Park University

29 March

C.S. Wyatt

Host, Producer
The Autistic Me Podcast
Host and producer of The Autistic Me podcast, which has a companion blog of the same name. Wyatt holds a journalism degree from the University of Southern California, an MFA in Film and Digital Technology and a doctorate in Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication.

30 March


Carley Bonk

Editor-in-Chief, The Globe
Point Park University

30 March

Carol Smith

Senior UX Researcher
Uber ATG

30 March

Cassandra Masters

PULSE Pittsburgh

Christian Snyder

Editor-in-Chief, The Pitt News
University of Pittsburgh

30 March

Clare Drobot

Director of New Play Development
City Theatre

29 March

Clarence Carlos

Clarence perceived a need for a 'wrap-around' type of system to monitor human brain performance after he experienced, first hand, the tragic death of a close friend's son that was caused by a traumatic brain injury that had gone undiagnosed and untreated. Clarence is responsible for developing the tactical direction of new and existing business at RC21X with his extensive experience in project management and business development in the medical device field.

29 March

Cori Frazer

Executive Director
Pittsburgh Center for Autistic Advocacy

29 March

Daniel Foreman

Manager of Professional Learning
Digital Promise
Dan Foreman is the Manager of Professional Learning for the Verizon Innovative Learning schools initiative at Digital Promise a network of 150 high needs urban public middle schools focused on inclusive innovation and closing the digital equity divide in public education. Dan has worked in education for eleven years, starting his career as a Teach For America Corps Member in D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) and working for the Teach For America Summer Institute in Philadelphia as the Director of Technology. After leaving DCPS, Dan moved over the river to Alexandria City Public Schools (VA) to teach English before becoming a Technology Integration Specialist, where he helped manage and develop the 3,700 student 1:1 initiative at TC Williams High School and provide instructional technology leadership and pedagogical support to teachers and administration. Dan was then promoted to the District Instructional Technology Coordinator in charge of a team of 16 Technology Integration Specialists spread across the school district and broadened the 1:1 initiative to encompass the entire district’s 15,000 devices. Dan then moved to the private industry as an Education Consultant, helping manage and develop large-scale hardware and software technology implementations across the country for many K-12 school districts.

Before his career in education, Dan was enlisted in the Marine Corps and was in charge of managing and coordinating the maintenance and fidelity of communications for 1st Marine Division during the Battle of Fallujah. Dan received his BA from Wittenberg University in Literature and Creative Writing, his Masters of Arts in Teaching from American University, his Masters of Education in Instructional Design and Development from George Mason University, and Administrative Leadership and Policy Certification from George Washington University. He can be reached at

30 March

Daniel Gillman

Chief of Staff
City of Pittsburgh - Mayor's Office

Danielle Linzer

Director of Learning and Public Engagement
Andy Warhol Museum

29 March

Daniel Little


Dara Collins

Editor-Elect, The Globe
Point Park University

30 March

Darcel Madkins

Pittsburgh Diversity & Inclusion Market Liaison
PNC Financial Services Group
Darcel Madkins is a Project Administrator for The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., with expertise in business development, marketing, strategic client development, successful multi-disciplinary team management, and project delivery. Exceptional ability to construct and facilitate cohesive teams, interface with other lines of business, and liaise with key stakeholders.

In addition, Darcel is currently the Pittsburgh Market Diversity & Inclusion Liaison, used as a collaborative market approach to identify and execute opportunities from changing market demographics. From 2016-2018 she severed as the President of African American Employee Business Resource Group (AA EBRG) at PNC Bank, which offers member’s opportunities to network, communicate, and progress personally and professionally and also to work closely with senior executives to implement business opportunities they have identified and initiatives recommended by their group.

30 March

David Lehman

K&L Gates

29 March

David Walker

Lead Software Developer

30 March

Day Bracey

Fresh Fest

30 March

Del Johnson

Backstage Capital
Del Johnson is a Principal at Backstage Capital focused on sourcing and vetting potential portfolio investments, as well as supporting operations on the East Coast. Previously, Del worked with the People Operations team at Google coordinating the engineering hiring committee, directing the candidate gifts program for the Mountain View headquarters, and developing an internal initiative that added over 50 women and minority engineers to the company’s hiring pipeline. He was also an award-winning account manager at Oracle, where he led complex B2B enterprise and mid-market software sales cycles from sourcing to close. Del holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley and received his Juris Doctorate from Columbia Law School.

28 March

Delvina Morrow

Board Chair

28 March

Dennis Robinson

Manager of Community Programs and Accessibility
Pittsburgh Ballet Theater
Dennis Robinson, Jr. is a director, arts administrator, and accessibility advocate currently serving as the Manager of Community Programs & Accessibility for Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre where he works to develop community and school engagement programs that broaden access and opportunity to ballet. He continues to create a diverse body of work with experience in opera, musicals, theater, and special events. Dennis' engagements include The Battle of Homestead Foundation, The Glimmerglass Festival, New Jersey State Opera, Pittsburgh CAPA, Pittsburgh Festival Opera, Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company, The Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka, Toledo Opera, Trilogy Opera Company, Undercroft Opera, and the Virginia Arts Festival. Dennis previously worked on the artistic staff of Pittsburgh Festival Opera, and collaborated recently with acclaimed Tony Award-winning actor Mark Rylance on a world premiere commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Homestead. Dennis also serves on the Board of Directors of the Battle of Homestead Foundation.

29 March

DeVaughn Rodgers

Education Program Coordinator
Bike PGH

DeVaughn Rodgers is a bike commuter, artist, and mentor. Born and raised in Pittsburgh as the the oldest of 5, he took on the role of leadership, mentoring, and all around example setting from a young age. Now at 25, he truly understands the value and importance of being a positive young Black male role model to not only the generations under him, but from the bottom up. He has been a part of BikePGH’s Education team as a youth cycling instructor for three years. Now as the Education Program Coordinator for BikePGH, he is able to continue to build on his passion for youth development by helping to build and publish the Positive Spin Toolkit, a free curriculum resource available online and in-print. Over the last year, he helped present the Positive Spin Toolkit at the National Bike Summit and Youth Bike Summit and various local audiences. DeVaughn's passion for youth education and development in underserved communities helps fuel his stride towards greatness. He is also a part of the creative collective BOOM Concepts as a resident artist and Events Coordinator. He can be reached at

29 March

Dolly Bellhouse

Department of Innovation and Performance
City of Pittsburgh

30 March

Dr. Ketaki Desai

University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute
Dr. Ketaki Desai teaches Innovation and Commercialization at Chatham University, is a Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of Pittsburgh and consults with regional startups, small businesses and economic development organizations. She was most recently Director of Growth Capital for the Pittsburgh Technology Council, where she led efforts to help entrepreneurs navigate the process of capitalizing their growth plans. Previously, she was the Executive Director of the LindenPointe Development Corporation which ran an startup incubator and a high-school entrepreneurship program.

30 March

Elizabeth Allen

Comprehensive Planning and Community Engagement Intern
City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning

30 March

Elizabeth Monk

Community Engagement and Special Projects

30 March

Ellie Newman

Coordinator of Strategic Analytics
Allegheny County

30 March

Emily Keebler

Kiva Pittsburgh Program Director
Riverside Center for Innovation

29 March

Emily Wazlak

Shine Registry

29 March

30 March

Emmai Alaquiva

Ya Momz House

29 March

Erin Cawley

Program Manager
Computer Science Academy, CMU

30 March

Erin Gannon

Marketing, Early Childhood Intervention
Look Who's Here! All-Abilities Media founding host and 2018 Press Club of Western Pennsylvania Golden Quill public affairs reporting winner, Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh resident, longtime Special Olympian, ACHIEVA employee in marketing and early childhood intervention.

30 March

Gab Bonesso

Comedian, Actress, Anti-Bullying/Mental Health Advocate
Gab Bonesso's Gab Squad
Gab Bonesso is an award-winning standup comedian, columnist, actress and children’s performer. She has won the title “Best Comedian in Pittsburgh” three times. Twice voted by the readers of Pittsburgh City Paper and once voted by the readers of Pgh Magazine. Gab is credited for pioneering the Alternative Comedy scene in Pgh and in 2012 she was awarded a Grant by the Pgh Foundation and was given an Experimental Artist Residency at Carnegie Mellon University where she developed new work. Gab wrote a weekly column for AOL from 2010-2012 called “Rocking the Suburbs”. During 2011-2013 Gab performed corporate comedy and hosted corporate training videos for American Eagle Outfitters. Gab also toured the United States and Canada hosting a documentary series for the company. In 2011 Gab teamed up with Pittsburgh-based musician Josh Verbanets (lead singer of Meeting of Important People) and co-created The Josh and Gab Show (now called "Gab Squad") which is an anti-bullying rock and roll comedy stage program for children. Gab Squad has been featured in schools, music festivals, churches, libraries and conferences all over the North Eastern region of the United States and they headlined a music festival in Monterey, Mexico. In 2015 Gab delivered a TedX Talk at the Byham Theater in Pgh on the subject of The Role of Adults in the Anti-Bully Movement. In 2017 Gab was the first comedian signed to Misra Records. Her first comedy album: Everyone’s Dead was a cathartic release after the back-to-back losses of her mother and brother the year earlier. Gab has written and appeared on radio as an On Air Producer for CBS (2007-2008). She was even nominated for an AIR Award for “Best New Talent”. As a comedian Gab has featured or opened for headliners such as Richard Lewis, Brain Posehn, Tommy Chong, Jen Kirkman, John Hodgman, Kurt Branholer, Dustin Diamond, Adam Sank and Lizz Winstead. As an actress Gab has appeared in spots on Television/Internet for Sony Jobs, The Ruscitto Foundation and WQED Anti-Bullying PSA’s, City Paper Local Motion Fashion Show, American Eagle Outfitters and The Scare House - Burgatory - Lemieux Foundation “ScareHouse Shake” Promotion. Gab can currently be seen in Movie Theaters around Pgh in an Anti-Bullying PSA shown directly before the movie trailers. Lizz Winstead (co-creator of the Daily Show) has referred to Gab Bonesso as a “superstar” and Richard Lewis said that Gab Bonesso is “the real deal and f***ing hilarious”. Gab is currently a weekly contributor and columnist for Pittsburgh City Paper.

29 March

Gage Goulding

Sentry Media News Editor
Robert Morris University
Gage Goulding is a senior Applied Journalism major with a minor in Public Relations. Gage is the Lead Anchor for RMU Live as well as a package reporter focusing in off-campus news. Gage is producing the RMU Live newscast in the fall of 2018. He also works as a mentor for the freshman RMU Live on Fridays. In addition to his work in television, Gage is the Assistant News Manager for RMU Sentry Media. Outside of RMU, Gage works for KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh as a Digital Content Producer.

30 March

George Cook

CEO & Founder
Honeycomb Credit

29 March

30 March

George Fadale

CEO & Founder
Dreamz of Music Foundation

30 March


The Dreamerz

30 March

Gillian Kim

Audience and Community Engagement Coordinator
City Theatre
Gillian manages City Theatre’s community partnership program, City Connects. She builds collaborations with various local organizations to introduce contemporary theater to a broader audience. She is particularly interested in public accessibility to the arts and interactive arts programs. Previously, she contributed to the Racial Equity & Arts Funding in Greater Pittsburgh and Arts and Economic Prosperity in Allegheny County reports while working as Research Intern at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council (GPAC). Additionally, she worked at the Busan International Film Festival and Pittsburgh Glass Center to expand her knowledge of arts management. She earned Bachelor’s degrees in Communication Arts and Fine Arts at University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her Master’s degree in Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College.

29 March

Gina Winstead

Director, Member Engagement
Pittsburgh Technology Council

28 March

Hannah du Plessis

Fit Associates

29 March

Heather Tomko

Research Coordinator
University of Pittsburgh

30 March

Heidi Norman

Deputy Director
City of Pittsburgh, Department of Innovation & Performance

30 March

Hussein Aladdin

Senior Employment Specialist & Matching Grant Coordinator
Jewish Family and Community Services (JFCS)
For the last 5 years Hussein has been working at JFCS with the Refugee & immigrants Services Department as the Senior Employment Specialist. During those years he helped a lot of refugees finding their first job in the United States. Hussein creates individualized job plan for each client, provides job Counseling, job search and job development assistance to them, he follows up with employed clients according to required schedule, acts as liaisons with employers, available to trouble-shoot problems and assists clients with upgrading as allowed by program priorities. Hussein is also the Matching Grant Program Coordinator, in this program he meets the clients and evaluate their eligibility to the program,create the MG file, prepare all the forms for the enrollment, build up the self-sufficiency plan, make sure that the clients will receive all the case management services, he will also make sure the clients will comply with the program requirements and he coordinate with HIAS to insure the program is well administered. Hussein has B.S in Physics from the University of Baghdad/Iraq. He worked for the Meteorological Branch in the IAF as a Weather Forecaster for 15 years, HR Manager for 7 years and the Research & Development Manager for 5 years.

29 March

Ibania Rivas

Community Organizer
Casa San Jose

29 March

Itha Cao

Policy Analyst
City of Pittsburgh

Ivan Gil-Silva

Mi Empanada

29 March

Jackie Baker

Managing Director
Bricolage Theater Company

30 March

Jae Park

Mr. Bulgogi Food Truck
Jae Park, owner and founder of Mr. Bulgogi, started his food truck as more of a pet project because he saw a lack of Korean
food trucks in the area. Jae works as a software developer during the day, and goes to events and sells food from his truck on weekends and nights.

29 March

Jake Sam

Operations Assistant
Jake is dedicated to helping provide the Expii team with a tireless worker. Jake previously worked in the Pittsburgh film industry after having graduated from the University of Pittsburgh where he helped start Pitt Tonight. He loves to watch sports, listen to old school rap, and film movies on the side.

29 March

Jasiri X

via 1Hood's website:

Jasiri X is the first independent hip-hop artist to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate, which he received from Chicago Theological Seminary in 2016. This recognition grew out of the spiritual/political urgency and artistic vision he shared on songs like “Justice For Trayvon” and “Strange Fruit (Class of 2013),” which documented the unjust police killings of young Blacks in the Millennial Generation. Likewise, he has been deeply involved with the national Movement for Black Lives, working with organizations like The Gathering for Justice, Blackout for Human Rights, Justice or Else, BYP100 and Sankofa. Still, he remains rooted in the Pittsburgh based organizations he co-founded, the anti-violence group 1Hood as well as the 1Hood Media Academy, which teaches youth of color how to analyze and create media for themselves.

Listen to him on Soundcloud

29 March

29 March

Jason Jones

Director of Entrepreneurship
Idea Foundry

29 March

Jeanne Lofgren

Stonecipher Law Firm

29 March

Jenna Baron

Executive Director
Jenna Baron is the Executive Director of Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Global Studies, and African Studies in 2013 from University of Pittsburgh. Jenna is 2013 Fulbright Scholar (Kenya), 2015 Humanity in Action John Lewis Fellow, New Leaders Council Pittsburgh Alumna, and a board member of Global Minds Initiative. Jenna’s work is informed by a belief that education and creative expression can be tools for liberation. She envisions ARYSE as an international model for supporting refugee and immigrant youth in becoming engaged, confident, and celebrated members of society.

29 March

Jennifer Honing

CEO & Co-Founder
Techstra Solutions

30 March

Jennifer Szweda Jordan

Unabridged Press
Jennifer Szweda Jordan is the executive producer of Look Who’s Here! All-Abilities Media, a project of Unabridged Press. The Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University is housing this project in 2019 and 2020.

30 March

Jennifer Van Dam

Digital and Community Engagement Manager
Innovation Works

29 March

Jessica Benner

Liaison Librarian
Carnegie Mellon University

30 March

Jessica Tomko

Carnegie Mellon University

30 March

Jodi Salant

Compliance and Quality Assurance Specialist
Circles Greater Pittsburgh

29 March

Jordan Robarge

Revival Chili

29 March

Josiah Gilliam

Coordinator, My Brother's Keeper Initiative
City of Pittsburgh & Allegheny County

29 March

Joyce Howard

Everyday Cafe

29 March

Julie Mallis

Education Program Manager
Julie Mallis, a bike commuter and artist, has been developing, planning and delivering youth programming for nearly a decade. In 2015, Julie transferred the Positive Spin youth cycling program (est. 2010) to be housed under BikePGH. Additionally, Julie runs BikePGH’s other education initiatives, including developing digital/print educational resources, such as the Positive Spin Toolkit, and the City Cycling on-the-bike training program. Julie also operates the Women and Non Binary program, which hosts an annual forum every April, meet ups and groups rides building community at the intersection of mobility and gender. Passionate about the mobility and public art, Julie recently completed a 1000+ feet way-finding street mural on #StrawberryWay in Downtown Pittsburgh, which encourages physical movement, play and thoughtful discussion. Julie loves teaching others how to ride bikes, stay safe and feel confident. They are also part of creative collectives, BOOM Concepts and gfx. They can be reached at

29 March

Julius Boatwright

Founder, CEO
Steel Smiling
Julius serves as the Founder and CEO with Steel Smiling. They bridge the gap between community members and mental health support through education, advocacy, and awareness. Their vision is to connect every resident in our region to resources and treatment. Since launching in 2015, they've served over 1,000 people. Steel Smiling hopes to expose 100% of African-American adults in Pittsburgh to at least 1 mental health engagement that improves their quality of life by 2030.

He's a Licensed Master Social Worker and a certified Mental
Health First Aid Instructor through the National Council for Behavioral Health. Julius completed a Trauma-Informed Community Practice Workshop with Duquesne University through their Department of Psychology and Rita McGinley Clinic. He obtained his Master of Social Work degree with a Certificate in Human Services Management from the University of Pittsburgh. Julius also earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Pitt.

29 March

Justin Tognarine

Operations Manager
Carnegie Science Center

29 March

Kahlil Darden

Youth-Activism Coordinator
Kahlil Darden is the Youth-Activism Coordinator at 1Hood, as well as the founder of Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens.

29 March

Katie Grimm

Director of Pittsburgh
Venture for America

29 March

Kelley Benson

Director, Human Resources and Inclusion
Innovation Works

Kelly Jones

R&B Singer
The Dreamerz

30 March

Kenny Chen

Innovation Director

30 March

Keyla Nogueira Cook

Owner, Head Chef
Casa Brazil PGH, Keyla Cooks LLC
Keyla Nogueira Cook is a chefpreneur (chef + entrepreneur) native to Brasil and has been living in the US for over 13 years. Her childhood has played a major role on her gastronomic and business journey. Keyla slowly began to cook homemade style Brazilian food especially Feijoada (which is considered Brazil’s national dish) and one of her specialties and created Feijoada To Go spreading her flavors throughout the city.
In 2016, she founded Keyla Cooks, LLC which allowed her to expand her menu and cook in different settings and and crowds, from supper clubs to cultural festivals giving Pittsburghers a chance to try authentic Brazilian cuisine.

In 2018 Keyla along with her business partner Tim Guthrie from Swig-Art Productions founded Casa Brasil, a pop-up restaurant in Highland Park, a space that represents authentic home style cooking of Brazilian cuisine, culture and music.

29 March

Khamil Scantling


28 March

Kim Lyons

Managing Editor
Kim Lyons is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Columbia Journalism Review, the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette, and numerous other local and national publications.

In her current role as managing editor for, she oversees more than three dozen newsletters, and writes the biweekly Inside Pittsburgh edition. Her passion project is working as producer and co-host of The Broadcast Podcast, committed to amplifying women’s voices in Pittsburgh and beyond. She’s also a staunch advocate for journalism and local media initiatives and is a founding member of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Online News Association, and president of the Women’s Press Club of Pittsburgh.

Kim was the recipient of the 2018 Ray Sprigle Memorial Award from the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania and was a 2015 Kiplinger Fellow in Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio State University.

Find her on Twitter at @socialkimly

29 March

Kit Needham

Swartz Center for Entrepeneurship

Kristen Link

Director of Education & Accessibility
City Theatre Company
Kristen Link is Director of Education & Accessibility at City Theatre Company where she oversees the Young Playwrights and Arts Access Classroom programs. Additionally, Ms. Link leads City Theatre’s accessibility programming, creating inclusive theatre experiences for artists and audiences, alike. She is a two-time past presenter on the topic of accessibility in theatre at The American Alliance for Theatre & Education’s (AATE) national conference. Kristen is also a frequent guest speaker on the subject of theatre education at local universities and served two terms on the Arts Education Collaborative (AEC) Advisory Council. In 2013, she received the ‘Work of Art’ Award for Established Accessibility Leader from the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Bethany College and Emerson College.

29 March

LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill

STEAM Ecosystem and CS for PGH Lead
Remake Learning

30 March

Laura Totin Codori

Executive Director & Founder
Worm Return

30 March

Leonard Hammonds

Founder and President
Hammonds Initiative

29 March

Lindsey Matesic

Global Engagement and Business Development Manager
Idea Foundry

Lisa Kay Schweyer

Program Manager
Traffic 21 Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Lisa Kay Schweyer serves as the Program Manager for the Carnegie Mellon University Traffic21 Institute, which houses the Mobility21 National University Transportation Center. She started her transportation career in 2003, helping commuters find and employers learn about transportation options as she managed the regional ridesharing CommuteInfo program for Southwestern Pennsylvania. From 2016 – 2018, Lisa Kay led the Vanpool Council for ACT. Her previous work experience includes association management, volunteer coordination, and fundraising. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her Masters of Public Management degree from CMU.

30 March

Mara Leff

Director of Innovation
Jewish Healthcare Foundation

29 March

Margaret Susa

Communiqué Editor-in-Chief
Chatham University

30 March

Mark Rettig

Fit Associates

29 March